Get ready for the 'Ride of your Life'.

Sep 23, 2022 12:40 am

Good morning my dear readers,

Happy Friday, may your world be magical and awe inspiring - atleast till Monday 😄.

On your Negen PMS front, September is going quite well too. The PMS is +2.22% vs -0.52% for the NIFTY500 benchmark this month.

*We have been very defensive with 26% on average in CASH. Some very good investment ideas are ahead on the anvil, exciting months ahead.


The Ride of our Lives.




Flipkart issued a statement that Indians are buying more Vacuum cleaners and Microwaves this year.

It became a trending topic. But that was ridiculous.

Why should it come as a surprise to anyone that Indians are buying more Vacuum cleaners or Microwaves?

India, today is the biggest 'No Brainer' that ever existed.


Any why stop at Microwaves?

For the next 10-20 years,

India will 'for sure' consume more Burgers, Pizzas, Coffee each year.

India will 'for sure' have more Airports, Roads, Modern Railways.

Indians will buy more Fans, Computers, Laptops, Phones etc each year.

You get the point..

Basically, India will consumer more of EVERYTHING for the next 10-20 years.

We literally wont be able to forgive ourselves in 2050 if we DO NOT participate in this really special, special story.

This is a time to be aggressive. This is a time to go for glory and accumulate equity in good brands largely.

The companies in our portfolio may keep changing, but our allocation to equity as an asset class should be 100% I believe.


Arrey Rassi Fek

Before launcing Negen PMS, we were trying to figure out ways on how to be client friendly.

One thing that struck me was that most fund houses have 10-20 'different' schemes.

I always wondered how should a client decide which of these 20 different schemes is the best one?

And should the client even get happy if one of these 20 schemes 'does good performance wise?'

If anyone randomly creates 20 different portfolios, for sure, 2-3 will do very nicely. But then does it make sense to believe that these '2-3 well performed' schemes are genuinely good?

Hence, at Negen, we decided to go with 1 flagship scheme. There is no confusion for me and nor for our clients. - We have 1 scheme - The Special Situation Fund. Thats it. No nonsense.

And this special situation Negen PMS has been one of the best performed funds in India since 3+ years now, consistently.

(Basically we do not have a single client who missed the bus due to them selecting some wrong scheme inside Negen).


Any hey, its a Friday and we are all in a good mood. I came across the perfect video to describe the situation above.

(These are clients of multi scheme funds).

Just a little banter 😸.

#Lagta hai galat wali pakad li =)

(The last scene is hilarious).


That is all from me today friends. Just very bullish on India. It is an unprecedented opportunity.

Do not forget this. Believe in the equity market.

Next up, we will do a beautiful case study of a great special situation event that we participated in last year and made 4x.

It will give you insights on why 'Coattailing' or following the smart money in a special situation is very important.

My best,

Neil Bahal

Founder & CEO

Negen Capital PMS

Negen Capital Startup AIF

Moral of the story - Invest in India.

Moral of the story 2 - Call us and know more about Negen PMS =)