Welcome to the Door...

Like most magic in life, you can't predict, plan or prepare for it. It often comes out of simply opening that door ­čîî

Well my friend, the door is wide open.

(you opening these emails = walking through the door)

  • Maybe one day you'll get an article about taking your business online and then the next day you'll get an uplifting and properly timed GIF.
  • Maybe the next week I will ask you a question about your business or aspiring business.
  • Maybe I will share with you a breakthrough producing book, video, course or product.
  • Some emails will be long and some may be only 5 words.

  • These emails will revolve around business (ie: an organized and repeatable solving of problems for yourself and others), but venture into other realms
  • No distractions. No fluff. No "information."
  • No idea or thought vomiting ­čÖŐ

There is enough of that out there and I respect you too damn much. I write with you in mind...not me, that's for my journal. Please enjoy.

I needed this right at this moment. Thank you. Seriously. Subscriber
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