[111 Newsletter] Happy Easter! New opportunities await!

Apr 04, 2021 10:11 am

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Whether you are religious or not, Easter stems from a place of new birth, new opportunities and another chance to do better.

In the Judeo-Christian religions it represents the resurrection of Jesus, known as the Messiah and Christ.

This is significant because it highlights that God allowed the sacrifice of his only Son (in human form), to die in atonement for out sins on behalf of humanity.

This sounds strange but an atonement is the opportunity to make things right if wrong (or sin) has been committed.

Animal or human sacrifices were committed beforehand to appease God (or gods) replacing the human(s) who committed the sin.

Blood represented a currency almost like the source of life i.e. if you are able to sacrifice your life (or a life) to repay for your sins then were forgiven, or you paid your dues in the afterlife.

Why am I say all of this? Well for one, don't go sacrificing people or animals! But two, think about the sacrifice you need to make in order to succeed in life.

Think about all the sins (or wrong doings) that are slowing you down in pursuit of your goal. Whether it is Easter or Spring that represents a zest of life, use it as opportunity to shape your direction.

Above all, I wish you a happy Easter, and I hope you learned something new today!


β€œIf you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” - Peter Hamilton


Desire: The cornerstone between nothing and success

If you are missing practical motivation and inspiration in your life then this book is needed! I am a little biased because this is the second book in my series.

This is a book that eloquently outlines and describes what is required to be a successful human being.

You will find some of the following in this book:

  • Defining the patterns of success
  • How to create a winning attitude
  • Creating real meaning and drive in your life
  • Developing resilience and mental fortitude and many more!

This is an accumulation of hours of research and experiences, and is one of my best works!

If you are seeking a book that gives you a new lease of energy and life, then this book is for you!

The Kindle version is here

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Have a great day and great week!

Your Mindset Mentor, Michael Tabirade

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