[111 Newsletter] Be Yourself And Nothing Else

Apr 11, 2021 10:10 am

1 Idea, 1 Quote, 1 Book Recommendation


Being yourself becomes easier when you're used to being yourself. Sounds like a strange thing to say...

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Think about the times when you haven't been yourself such as when:

  • You have intentionally lied
  • You have tried to impress others
  • You have snapped out in outrage
  • You haven't been honest to others aiming not to disappoint them

It takes a lot of unnecessary energy to be that way, remember the lie, and keep up the act.

If you want success, then honesty to self comes first and foremost.

But what do I mean?

Quite simply, if your energy is spent less on an unnatural state, then you can more fluidly and naturally work on things with clarity of mind and focus.

This natural energy drives passion, creates genuine curiosity and encourages the pursuit of what makes a person happy.

So remember, if you want to be better human being, be more authentic and more honest to yourself and others.


"Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world" - Adam Grant


Just Be You: Positive Quotes and Affirmations for Self-Care - Summersdale

This is not a usual book that I recommend, but in this instance I think it is a great shout.

"Just Be You" is a book of quotes that serves as a reminder to be yourself. There have been times when I have forgotten myself or have felt challenged by certain situations.

Simply reading a quote from this book as helped change my perspective, especially when I reflect and mediate on what it means.

Here are some quotes from the book:

"Owning your Story is the bravest thing you will ever do" - Brené Brown

"The question isn't who is going to let me down, it's who is going to stop me" - Ayn Rand

"Every man and woman is the architect of their own future" - Appius Claudius Caecus

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