Wellness Actions with Gina Long-Boekhout

TAKE ACTION ON YOUR WELLNESS TODAY! Let's work on being healthy and happy... and lessen the chance of becoming a burden to others as you age!


I'm especially looking to help women and men, AGE 45 PLUS, who struggle with weight, nutrition, exercise and mindset...


Grab YOUR FREEBIES below! Change your crappy health behaviors into better, realistic, and long-lasting wellness habits!

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  • 5 Steps For a Health Behavior Change: How to Create, Carry out, and Evaluate an Action Plan to Change a Health Behavior or Start a New Healthy Habit (PDF)


  • My Favorite Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off (Summary/Guideline of a Nutrition Program I use - PDF)


  • My Favorite Healthy Recipes (PDF)


  • My Favorite Daily Affirmations and Motivational Quotes (PDF)


  • Access to My Free Facebook Challenge Group for Accountability with Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset

  • Info and Video about high quality, low cost Wellness Products/Supplements (other products coming soon…), plus How to Become an Affiliate like me with your own online site to make extra income!


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