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Keedi and Zherik, lifelong outsiders on their secluded Shen-colonized planet, set off on a life-altering journey to the vibrant Alliance World, Arcadis. Qualifying for an esteemed academic competition turns sour when the Shen team captain ousts Keedi, prompting Zherik to walk away in solidarity. Bound by circumstance, they discover newfound freedom in Arcadis, a realm that celebrates diversity.

As they delve into this thrilling new world, so different than the rigid Shen colony, their connection deepens at an astonishing pace. They explore their passions and new found freedoms with delight.

But lurking in the shadows is a perilous secret tied to Zherik’s ancestry, threatening their happiness.

Amid the joy of conquering long-standing prejudices and finding a new home, they must confront an unknown danger. Will their love withstand this looming threat?

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