Big Giveaway, a Promo Code, and Anyone Else Tired Out There?

Feb 22, 2021 1:31 pm


How's everyone doing? I'm so tired. There's a small light at the end of the tunnel coming, but oh, does it feel miles away.

I think I've mentioned before in the newsletter that I took a Spanish teaching job this school year to help with a unexpected need, and I've been having fun. Why, last week, I got to explain periphrasis!! ....uh yeah, my students might be a little overwhelmed with a Spanish teacher whose first love is actually grammar and just must explain all the underlying concepts.

(Don't worry if you've never heard that word, I hadn't either until I was trying to figure out why Spanish did something peculiar.)

I always enjoyed the teachers who were the most excited about what they were teaching, so I just go with it even if they roll their eyes at me for being such a word nerd. BUT as much fun as teaching has been again (outside of my house anyway), I can't sustain the four jobs thing! I'm ready to get back to three jobs which will mean more writing will happen ... at least, more writing at more normal hours--not in the car between all the kid activities and late, late at night again.

But I am SO enjoying my next book's characters. I hope you will too when they make their debut. Who do you think I'm making fall in love in Armelle, Wyoming?

imageIf you've yet to "visit" Armelle and are a KOBO reader or are a flexible ebook platform reader, RIGHT NOW, on KOBO, the very first ever sale of Romancing the Bride is happening for the rest of February. With promo code: HISTFIC40, you can get 40% off the first ebook in the Frontier Vows series by putting in that code at checkout.

That makes the price of Romancing the Bride only $2.99 at KOBO!

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One other lovely thing going on this month is a giveaway sponsored by me and a few other historical Christian fiction authors.

Laura Frantz, Roseanna White, Lynnette Bonner, Pepper Basham, and I are sponsoring a grand prize Kindle Fire giveaway and four (4) Amazon gift cards to (5) five different winners.

If you'd like to enter this contest, you are agreeing to be subscribed to all of our imagenewsletters. You're already subscribed to mine. :) I have favorite books from these ladies on my shelves. Just yesterday, I was in an email conversation with one of you, and I recommended Roseanna's Jewel of Persia. She blew me away with her talent on that one. What a tricky setting for a romance, but Roseanna did it so believably well.

You also get a free book from Lynnette just by entering and therefore getting her subscriber freebie!

If you decide you don't like their newsletters, you are free to subscribe at any time.

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Enter the Giveaway Now!

That's all for now, but seriously! If you want to respond to this email with your guess on who the hero and heroine are of my next book (you've met them both), I'll tell you if you're right.

And if you're not....well, maybe if enough of you want certain characters to fall in love, I might just have to brainstorm another story if they aren't already slated for one!

¡Hasta la próxima vez!