Moving right along

Jul 01, 2021 12:46 pm

Hey awesome, 

We're back on the road! 

After getting to spend nearly ten months home with family, it's even harder than I expected to leave. However, the absolute beauty of this RV lifestyle is...we can so easily come back! Knowing that + having some adventures lined up are my big comforts for the moment - that and getting to sit and write in the passenger seat while Jeremy drives our honking camper through the wilds of the Eastern United States. 


It's hot out here, but super pretty. We've got the next month or so planned, and then are open until the end of October. Do you have any favorite places we should check out in the mid-Atlantic area? Please send your recommendations our way! The more awesome stuff we see, the more I'll write. 

I'm sure that's how it works. 

Speaking of writing, it's an exciting next few weeks for releases. First up we have "In the Wings" a 4HU anthology where 1) all six core authors have a story! 2) formerly secondary characters step up into the limelight, 3) things are revealed/set up/foreshadowed AND 4) we all have a lot of fun. It's out July 9 - I'm so excited to hear what you think!


July 15, "Starflight: Tales from the Starport Lounge" hits the world. This is my first video game tie-in story, and what a game and world to get to play in. There are aliens, collapsing + rebuilding civilizations, broader conspiracies, plots and double crosses and people just trying to live their's a universe ripe for shenanigans, is what I'm saying, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 


More anthologies coming soon - I just turned in my next Salvage System short, and will turn in two more short stories each in both July and August. In the meantime, of course, progress continues on Ally and Salt in the Wound, so I hope to have a whole lot of reading coming your way through the course of the year - in addition to all the travel pictures/stories you can expect here.

Like this one: 


Ok, this one's cheating because it's the view I'm currently missing as part of my homesickness, but come on - how often will I have neighbors that appreciative of butt scritches?!

Wait, maybe don't answer that. ;)

Til next time,