Moving Pieces

Jul 15, 2021 1:34 pm


Hey awesome,


It’s an exciting week, here in the midst of July. 1) We’re in a beautiful campground for a full week, and next to a very cute town (campground lake below, yarn bomb in cute town above). 


2) In the Wings, the 4HU anthology out last week, became a #1 best selling new release. We’ve gotten such great feedback on it, and I love hearing how much folks are enjoying it. In my story, "Embrace the Void" there maaaaay just be a bit of a hint for an upcoming novel or two... ;) And of course, in true 4HU style, all sorts of things are revealed/teased/set up/explained in each story. It's an incredibly good time.


3) Today, Starflight: Tales from the Starport Lounge is out in the world! This is my first video game tie-in story, and I hope not the last. You know I love a good sprawling universe with a ton of intrigue, and this definitely delivers on that! My story here, "Obligations" started off as one kind of story, became a different kind of story, and I really like where it ended up. I hope you do too - I’d love to hear what you think!


4) On the docket for the rest of this week: finishing another short story, kicking off a novel, panning for gold, and maybe some kayaking.


It’s a well-rounded week, and though the lack of wifi makes some things more challenging…I mean, this view:


I still think I’m more of an ocean than a lake person, but there is something irresistible about sitting in glorious shade while looking out at beautiful water and listening to little more than birdsong. I could really get used to living like this.


With that lack of wifi, I’m weeks behind on all the great tv/streaming shows, but I’m spending a heck of a lot more time outside. That's a win, and certainly is helping my writing productivity.


How are you keeping sane this July? Bonus points for sharing any favorite getaways we can add to our RV-adventure list! Coming up next we have South Carolina, the northern Georgia mountains, and Atlanta, which will take us into early September.


My plans for that time are: finish four short stories, get near completion on two novels, do a heckuva lot of hiking, play in various bodies of water, and of course, go to DragonCon!


Now that I put it in a list like that…I should get back to work.


Til next time,