Road trip!

May 20, 2021 1:11 pm

Hey awesome,

I'm writing this email a little early this week and scheduling it to hit your inbox riiiight as the amazing-ness known as FantaSci unofficially kicks off.


The convention is officially Friday to Sunday, but I have it on good authority that a bunch of my favorite people are arriving Thursday. So on unofficial launch day I'll likely be vibrating with the effort of NOT pouncing on folks as they appear.


As for me, I'm stealing my sister and we're roadtripping down the eastern seaboard to get there. Anything we should make sure to catch on the way back on Monday?

I love roadtrips (which is good, seeing that my husband and I signed up for a full time road trip for the near future with that RV life).

Years of roadtrips have added to my running list of potential names for characters and places. Staring out of the windows and popping in and out of different towns, states, landscapes has equally often inspired (sometimes wacky) settings.

Are you more of a roadtrip person, or a get-me-to-my-destination-asap-person?


For official convention excitement, I get to be on several terrific panels (posted on my blog in case you're joining us), and equally excitingly, get to hang out and watch some amazing panels. The con staff has been working their behinds off, and the Programming Director?

Y'all, she is an absolute rockstar, and there are so many panels I want to see I genuinely have no idea how I'm going to make decisions. Flip a challenge coin, maybe?

Next time you can expect some stories from FantaSci, some upcoming new releases, and probably a few pictures from the road. In the meantime, here's an updated picture of me:


I've been wanting to do a super fun hair color for years, and this time of RV travel and writing seemed like the perfect time. Hope you're doing something fun this week too!

Til next time,