Bundles and Good Times

Jun 17, 2021 12:31 pm

Hey awesome,

It's an absolutely glorious day outside - warm but not too warm, sunny and with big fluffy clouds to provide occasional shade, smells like fresh country summer air without any of the extra...cow-byproducts we might get sometimes.

So, yeah: glorious. I'm about to celebrate by opening all the windows in the camper and starting the Big Clean before we move our stuff back into it. Cleaning isn't my favorite thing to do when it's beautiful outside, but there is something to be said for the soft breeze and bright sunshine streaming in while all the dirt and renovation-dust goes out.


All I'll need is to add some good music. Do you have any favorite cleaning songs? I'm thinking showtunes and a good 80s mix, but I am always up for suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions, and glorious-ness, do you know about the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA)? Every month they do a Book Bundle with different themes to give people a way to discover great books by great authors.


Cool, right? This month is Space Adventure, 18 awesome books that include fantastic stories from Monalisa Foster, Terry Mixon, and William Alan Webb. Also, you may notice when you click through - Assassin, by me and the ever-amazing Kacey Ezell. It's exciting to be a part of such a great group of stories, and as for the bargain: that's 18 books for $7.99. Less than a dollar a book! From the IASFA:

"No one knows what waits for us beyond the void of interstellar space. Fantastic landscapes and wondrous peoples. Doing. Living. Just like us but completely different. Explore those realms with us, places where multiple dimensions exist simultaneously and travel between them takes only a well-disciplined mind.

From fantastic worlds to scowling spaceship commanders, from exploration to colonization to alien contact, there is something for everyone and probably your next favorite Science Fiction author can be found right here. We’ve compiled a bunch of hot titles and can offer them in a bundle for much less than a dollar each. Take a look and see what there is to see."

This Space Adventure Book Bundle is available now through July 4, so if you were hoping to add to your summer reading list, this is a great way to get that done.


That's me, always here to help with efficiency! I'm off to be efficient myself - cleaning and my aggressive writing calendar will only wait so long.

Hope there's great weather and great reading in your near future!

Til next time,