Happy Year of the Dragon

Feb 10, 2024 4:56 am

Hello ,

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year for the Year of the Dragon. If you don't celebrate the Lunar New Year then all the best anyway and thank you for your continued support.

This year should see a brand new Maian Media portal with a new Licence centre and some product updates. As the new portal was our main focus we've put a few updates on hold apart from any security updates. Some products are a little out of date at the moment, but will soon have updates to bring them up to date, sorry for the delay.

The support forum will also finally be removed in favour of newer support options. Our forum is old and it's time to finally bid it farewell. The new portal will detail the support options when it opens.

More updates on the way in the coming weeks.

Take care,


Lead Developer @ Maian Media