Are You a Sheep?

Aug 12, 2022 7:56 am


Today, I've got a story about a great social experiment from the fifties. It got me thinking and questioning our ability for independent thinking.

Would I behave the same way? Or would I go against the group?

Asch Conformity Experiment

I love to think about myself, as probably most of you, as an autonomous thinker, who chooses his path and who cares more about truth and hard facts than complying with norms.

However, according to the famous Asch Conformity Experiment most people, when given a choice, choose to go with the flow and against their common sense, even though they knew they were giving the wrong answer.

It turns out, most of the time, we are sheep.

In Dr Ash Solomon's experiment, a group of participants were shown pictures with lines of various lengths and were then asked a simple question: Which line is longest?

In each group, only one person was a true participant and the others were actors who were instructed to give the wrong answers.

Sadly, the one true participant almost always agreed with the majority.

And what would you do?


You can watch this experiment below: