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Sep 10, 2020 10:17 pm


Hello Content Creators!

Do you get a home meal kit service?

There's Blue Apron, EveryPlate, HelloFresh, etc.

I have friends that do, and all I can think of is geez, why can't they just find a recipe online and buy the ingredients? Then I remember that I'm happy that anyone's at least (sort of) learning to cook. Maybe they'll grow out of the kits.

But my real concern is...

What about all that packaging?

The single-use plastic packaging. The cardboard boxes it comes in. The fuel required to deliver it. The fuel just to get that fuel to the fueling station. And so on.

My perception was that these meal kits are an environmental disaster.

Turns out, there's another side to the coin. Some studies show they create less food waste, which is also a big problem. And that they operate more efficient supply chains than grocery stores. Suggesting, perhaps, their overall impact is, maybe, about as good or bad as any other choice (besides just shopping at your local farmer's market).

But who knew that? Did you?

My hunch is, if someone's ordering meal kits, it's because they don't have time to do the shopping and food prep, let alone figure out what to cook in the first place. So, making time to dig through each service's website to compare their sustainability efforts? Umm, no.

And there's the opportunity

Once one meal service popped up and had success, others copied it. They're mostly interchangeable.

What if one focused on reusable packaging? Or a service that could reuse the containers at food banks? Or biodegradable packaging you could throw into a compost bin? Or, miracle of miracles, NO packaging?

Think there would be a market for that? All the convenience, none of the guilt?

We don't sell meal kits, what's the point?

Can design your product or service in a way that differentiates it so it appeals to a different subset of consumers?

Some people only care about price, convenience or available options. Others care more about the environment.

Pick the subset that's being ignored and focus on them.

Maybe you already are and just need to communicate that better. Communication is the key. By simply communicating that you share their concerns, you create raving fans and loyal customers. Probably ones that are willing to pay a premium.

If I saw a meal kit brand that truly solved for the environmental issues, I'd try it. Because I would see that they get it. They share my concerns and found a solution. Not only would I try it, I'd tell all my friends.

So, what differentiating feature can you communicate that strikes a chord with an audience that's not feeling heard?

A recent content project


This week, it's not a real content project, but it could be. If you haven't seen the Lincoln, Nebraska, City Council meeting where a resident suggests changing all local menus to remove the phrase "boneless chicken wings", watch it now.

I don't know how he kept a straight face. (The girl behind him couldn't)

This got me thinking. Any brand could take this concept and run with it. It's pure Onion-style humor...poking fun at the obviously ridiculous.

Talk about viral content... While some brands are officially hiring CMOs (Chief Meme Officers) to create on-trend marketing content, I'd argue this is a step beyond memes. It becomes the foundation for memes.

Here's some boneless food for thought: What's the watercooler banter that generates an 🙄? How could you turn that into good-natured satire? Don't save it for April Fool's Day, see what you can come up with right now! (or reach out if you're feeling stuck...let's brainstorm this!)

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Cool Stuff I've Found


This week, it's all about self care over here...

Boho Beautiful - Ab workouts used to be an afterthought for me. Maybe I'd do a few bicycle crunches or something after the big stuff, but usually not. Then I found Boho Beautiful's mix of pilates and yoga, and her 10-minute ab workouts. Ignore the woo-woo if that's not your thing...they're quick, tough but manageable, and tidily packaged into easy-to-do morning workouts. If you want to a) humble yourself, and b) strengthen your core, favorite these three videos (one, two, three) on YouTube.

Rollga Foam Roller - I have a few different foam rollers, from a cheap soft "beginner" one to the extremely travel-friendly Trigger Point Therapy model (it's hollow, so you can stuff your clothes in it). In between them, and the one that gets the most use at home, is the Rollga. Its contoured shapes get deeper into the glutes, quads, lumbar and between the shoulder blades better than a straight cylinder. If you've only used regular rollers, I bet this becomes your new favorite.

Vybe Pro Percussion Massage - While science can't explain exactly why this works, word is it does everything from loosen tight muscles & fascia, improve lymph drainage, and just plain feel good. I can vouch for the latter, and with so many attachments and multiple speeds, the Vybe Pro has become another staple of my trying-not-too-feel-old efforts. Plus, it's hundreds cheaper than some other brands, and I can't figure out why. If you've been looking into one of these, this one's been working well for me.

Roll with it,


Tyler Benedict

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