Is this the season finale you wanted?

Nov 05, 2020 5:31 pm


Hello Content Creators!

Don't worry, this isn't about politics...that show can't end soon enough.

It's about your customers' journey. Think of it like a television series, full of stories.

AKA, content.

Content designed to entertain, inform, inspire, and pull them into your brand narrative.

It's your job to give them a grand finale and leave them thrilled with the purchase.

How? By ending the series with a must-see episode: the Instruction Manual! And if you don't think your instruction manuals are "content marketing" then you definitely need to keep reading...

Life's too short for crappy instructions

Growing up, I knew someone who really didn't like gifts that he had to assemble.

I remember one time, after spending hours putting together a home fitness machine he'd received for Christmas, he remarked that he didn't want any more gifts that required assembly, ever again.

This particular device had a lot of parts and crappy instructions. Pretty sure I learned some new words that day.

Point is, his ownership experience sucked immediately.

How likely do you think he was to recommend that device to his friends?

Keep it simple, make it fun


I just installed several Ring cameras and a doorbell, and it couldn't have been simpler.

Not only is the entire process covered in an app that cycles through the steps (with video!), but there are illustrated paper instructions, too.

The Doorbell even comes with a really cool screwdriver, a masonry bit just in case, and multiple mounting plates to get the right angle. There's even an extra cover in a different color.

From unboxing to installation to setup, my entire user experience was delightful.

Admittedly, I'm somewhat handy and often use home projects like this as procrastination techniques. But I also really, really hate poorly written instructions.



My Ring experience was awesome. Maybe now you're considering it. Or at least it's on your radar. The point is, I'm telling people how great it is.

If you want the same positive word of mouth, you can't pull a Lost or Game of Thrones and ruin the whole experience right at the end. After all that hard work building up your customer relationship, you gonna ruin it with a lame ending?

Hell no!

Ring realized that their marketing continues once I get it home and use it, so they made the installation "content" as good as possible.

How to make better instruction manuals

Find a few people unfamiliar with your product to test drive your instruction manual. Watch where they stumble or have to ask questions. Trust me, YOU are far too familiar with your own product, so you're glossing over details everyone else needs.

A great instruction manual will end it like Friends... satisfied, but still wanting more.

A Recent Content Project


This one's not mine, but super fun and sure to get your wheels turning.

Fair warning, Harry Dry's Marketing Examples website is a real rabbit hole. Best not to go there unless you have (or want to procrastinate for) an hour or so.

Recently, they took a number of brand websites and rewrote their landing page copy to capture more attention and clicks. The image above (from their website) is one example. Check them all out right here.

Key takeaways:

  • Be specific with the benefit
  • Mention the benefit, not the product
  • Name the problem you solve
  • Say what makes you unique

Take a look at your home page or leading Call To Action. How could you rewrite it to get more clicks? (Email me if you'd like some ideas for your brand)

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PRO TIP: Increase Email Open Rates

Welcome to the new section that's ONLY for newsletter subscribers...I won't be putting these on my blog. This week's Pro Tip comes from Orbit Media's Andy Crestodina and will help you get more opens for your emails:


Check out Andy's full post on how to maximize email open rates to get into the weeds on this. I implemented tips #1 and #2 on this newsletter... still working on #3 with my email provider.

Want more geekery? Check out his full session from Peak Content Summit for FREE, where he somehow makes using Google Analytics fun to show how well your content is working, and where it can be improved.

Cool Stuff I've Found


This week, it's straight up delicious:

Boon Chai Spice Almond Butter - Sounds weird, tastes delicious. I'm not even sure what I'm going to spread it on, so far I've just been spooning it straight into my mouth. Pricy, but for a calories-per-dollar treat that's also healthy, it's...whatever, this is delicious.

Domaine Roy & fils Chardonnay - This 2018 from Willamette (wa-LAMM-it, damnit) Valley is described as "fresh and bright", but I think it sits somewhere between there and "buttery". There's none of the "green" taste some younger whites have, thus works with everything from a salad to fish to rich, cured meats like...

Olympia Provisions - We snacked on these with the wine and it was an excellent pairing. Olympia's salamis (we tried the Finocchiona and Chorizo Navarre) are made the old fashioned way, slowly, and with a real white mold casing. Yes, that last bit is a selling point, and I can tell you they're the best cured meats we've eaten!

All's well that ends well,


Tyler Benedict

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