Do your numbers tell the wrong story?

Oct 08, 2020 3:31 pm


Hello Content Creators!

Resort fees. Cleaning fees. Change fees.

Sorry, I probably just put you in a bad mood.

I hate those things, too.

Ya know what they tell me about the brand charging them?

That they hate me. They disrespect me. And they think I'm an idiot. Which doesn't give me warm and fuzzies about them.

Do you know why hotels charge resort fees?

Because online booking sites don't take a cut of that fee. Travel sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, etc., all take about 25% of the room rates when you book through their sites.

Hotels view it as a necessary marketing evil because, if they don't list on those sites, most of us will never find them.

And once we're scrolling through the options, if a hotel lists a room rate that's a lot higher than similar rooms, we won't choose it. Hotels are basically forced to list a competitive rate, even if they could/should be charging more.

So, they charge resort fees and convenience fees and Wi-Fi fees and all manner of other hidden fees once you check in. Deceptive? Yes. Frustrating? Absolutely. Make you wanna punch someone? OK, maybe that's just me.

But that's how they recoup the some of the booking sites' fees.

Has any hotel ever told you that?

Or do they try to justify the fee by saying it grants you access to the swimming pool, high speed wireless internet (in every room!), fitness centers, and coffee and newspapers in the morning?

You know, all the things that used to be free before resort fees.

So why don't they just tell it like it is? I'd have a lot more respect for the hotel that just lays it all out there. I'd be more likely to book the hotel with a slightly higher rate but boldly claimed "NO Resort Fees" on their listing.

Because I'd rather spend my money with an honest brand that explains their position than one who's trying to trick me with bait-and-switch pricing.

I'm not a hotel, what's the point?

Hotels aren't the only culprit. AirBNB hosts charge cleaning fees. Airlines have (had?) their change fees, checked baggage fees, and more. Shady car dealers promote a low monthly payment without mentioning the inflated purchase price and high interest rate hiding in the contract.

Your pricing is part of your marketing story. It helps consumers place your product and brand in their minds. How you structure the entire pricing experience, value proposition and ongoing fees and charges all play into it.

Does your pricing convey the message you want it to? Does it build trust with your customers? Or play tricks on them and dissolve trust?

A recent content project


Interested in starting your own email newsletter? Curious why this email is formatted the way it is? Wondering what content to put in it?

I chatted with PubOps about email newsletter strategy, and laid out the essential knowledge on:

  • Design and Layout
  • Form and Function
  • Purpose
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The big takeaway? If you're going to publish a newsletter, make sure you know WHY you're doing it, then design and write it to accomplish those goals. Otherwise it's just spam. Listen to the interview here.

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Cool Stuff I've Found


This week, I've been camping and hiking (pics here!) at Grand Teton and Yellowstone, heading through Badlands on the way home. Here's a few things I used and loved on this and many other outdoor adventures...

UCO Spork - This is a lightweight yet crazy strong eating utensil. There's a slight cutting edge on the fork side that'll handle some meats, but its true test of strength came impatiently carving frozen chunks from a pint of ice cream after a big hike. They're made with BPA-free glass fiber-reinforced nylon, come in 13 colors, are surprisingly cheap, and I'm pretty sure that hole pattern matches bottle cage mounts on my bike.

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants - These are my go-to pants for most every adventure, travel, hike, whatever. The material is lightweight, stretchy, and durable. They come DWR-treated, which does wear off, but my khaki pair has been through 5+ years of abuse with no other signs of wear. They're cargo pants without looking like cargo pants, and the side pockets zip shut and are easy to slide my hand into even when squeezed into a center airline seat. They come in 10 colors, plus fleece-lined winter versions. If I could keep but one pair of pants, these are it. Except I have them in four colors.

Primus Backpacking Stove - Knowing me 20 years ago, I would have purchased the least expensive option. Yet, my Primus camp stove has served me loyally for two decades. The one shown above is their current cheapest model, yet super compact, low profile, and has an optional kit with a pot/lid that holds it and a fuel canister. It's nice to know that when you choose a high quality brand, even their entry level option will serve you well. Thanks, Primus.

Run it by the numbers,


Tyler Benedict

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