Watch FREE! How to create more Inclusive Content Marketing

Jun 05, 2020 7:24 pm


I know, we just sent out an email this morning, but this is too important to wait.

Emmy nominee Nzinga C. Blake's session on how to create more inclusive content and reach a more diverse audience is super timely right now.

There's a lot going on with the #BlackLivesMatter movement this week. Protests. Riots, right or wrong. And a broader awakening and awareness of the racial injustices, biases and problems we need to overcome. It's a lot.

What should you do?

Some brands are knocking it out of the park with their messaging. Big brands have the resources to get this right, right out to the gate. Small brands? Well, there's really no room to get it wrong. That's why I want you to...

Watch Nzinga's session for FREE

It's powerful, and you can watch it now. Just click the Free Preview button and you'll be able to see it. You'll have to register, but it only takes a second. It's worth it.

If you, your brand or your company are struggling with how to communicate right now, watch it. And check out the notes below the video, there's a lot there to help guide you.

Then let me know what you think. I'm genuinely curious to hear what you think. How will you implement this? What's your brand doing? Hit reply and let me know, I'll share some of the best ideas in a future email.



Tyler Benedict

Founder, Peak Content Summit

PS - Got a friend or co-worker that's in charge of marketing and brand story telling? Forward this to the and they can get on this list and get in on the deal, too!

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