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Mar 19, 2021 3:43 am


Here's why your brand's content is unlikely to rank against, well, anyone...

Hello Content Creators!

This week, I'll keep it short...because this is a pretty simple concept.

At Bikerumor, the cycling tech blog I started in summer 2008, we've been writing about bikes, components, and related tech for almost 13 years.

We're experts on the subject, and we have almost 30k posts to prove it.

Google sees this and knows that if we're talking about bikes, it's highly likely that our story is both accurate and important. So it will rank highly.

Your company blog, though? Unless you've been posted daily content for years...

You don't stand a chance against us.

Or any other content creator, blog, news site, or vlogger that's consistent and been around for any amount of time.

That's because Google doesn't trust you yet.

Stick to it, though, and you might get there.

Or you could spend your time doing something that will work RIGHT NOW.

Like what, exactly?

Let the content creators and media, with their huge authority and traffic, share daily content and new product announcements that drive consumers to your site. That's what we do.

Use your time to make very specific and detailed informational content, like:

  • An incredible FAQ section
  • Tutorials on how to use your product
  • User-friendly, clear, concise instruction manuals (seriously)
  • Laymen's terms explanations of your technology

This is "bottom of the funnel" content that converts interest into sales by removing all objections, eliminating doubt, and answering every question your customers might have.

You should absolutely use good SEO techniques and research to inform this content, because these pages will still be indexed and occasionally rank in search results.

But the real goal is to create content that helps customers convince themselves that your product is the right one for them so they click "BUY".

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A Recent Content Project


This buyer's guide for indoor training accessories doesn't fit the mold of a typical SEO-driven buyer's guide, but it's still a useful article for our audience.

For brand managers, the takeaway is this: What category does your product fit in, and how could you get influencers and content creators to include it in their recommendations?

Honestly, it's simple: Let them try it.

I mentioned this before, but one of the biggest factors in your product getting editorial recommendations and attention is simply getting it into their hands.

Not to leave you hanging (because you could just send stuff out), but the best way to go about seeding product among influencers and media is a much more nuanced, strategic topic best saved for a longer post (or me if you're interested in learning how to reach more media).

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Cool Stuff I've Found


Here are three lights that I've been using to create better videos and photos:

Neewer SL80 - I've had really good success with Neewer's lights and stands, and this one's no exception. It has 9 flashing/sequence modes (like police car!), can change through the entire color spectrum (with adjustable color saturation!), and has dedicated white/warm modes with extremely gradual transitions to deliver exactly the warmth and brightness needed. It's best for "gelling" small areas or backgrounds, but it's just about the same as my iPhone Plus, so it's super easy to take anywhere. And it's just $65.99.

Neewer Soft Panel Light - For bigger, brighter light when shooting farther from the subject, this one's awesome. It has a massive battery life, adjustable brightness, and adjusts between 3200k (warm) and 5200k (bright). The included cold shoe mount fits any good camera. About the size of a big iPad, it's thin enough to fit in any pack and feels durable enough to take out on the trail.

Amazon Basics Photo Light Box - This lightbox is the perfect size for both photographing larger products and working with smaller items on video. The key is the depth and width, which are perfect for working around a GoPro. There's also a top opening, which we use for filming my son's LEGO builds. It folds flat for easy storage, and it's under $150. If you need great product photos for your web store or social media, you need this light box.

Just a heads up, I'm going to start doing video reviews of all my content creation tools. I've found there's a lot of curiosity as to what works, or how to get really unique, interesting angles for video, and the best way to show it is to, well, show it. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel in advance, where you'll find every session from my Peak Content Summit strategy conference free to watch.

Play where you can win,


Tyler Benedict

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