This is embarrassing... I'm out of soap!

Oct 15, 2020 5:03 pm


Hello Content Creators!

When we were kids, my younger brothers and I understandably got into trouble.

One instance stands out, though.

Not because it was so outrageous. In fact, on its own, it was largely forgettable.

But we have a memento. Something that amplifies the event into epically comical proportions. Something I still laugh out loud about, share with friends, and recount with family.

Here it is:


What does this have to do with content marketing?

With COVID having shut down everyone's travel, I've spent more consecutive time at home in the past 10 months than any point in the prior 10 years.

And because of that, I've basically run out of soap.

Why? Because I still raid hotel carts for a few extra bars when they have something good. And lotion, too, because they're perfectly portioned TSA-approved travel sizes.

So, while I do miss the great riding in amazing locations, beers with friends, and epic adventures, it's the lack of soaps in my drawer that is the most tangible reminder that travels have been lacking.

And then this happened:


At the end of September, we stayed at the 21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville, Arkansas. On our last night, we asked for an (read: singular) extra soap and shampoo.

The clerk returned with this bag full of products for us.

You can imagine my delight!!!

What's the takeaway?

Getting to and from somewhere isn't the only reason people like travel.

Rarely is the primary objective the only thing that matters.

I don't go to IKEA for a single item, I go to be inspired to create cleaner, more functional spaces in my home/office. And maybe for Swedish Meatballs.

I don't ride the same local mountain bike trails every week because they're still fresh and interesting, I ride them for exercise. Or to be with friends. Or to try to finally nail that one corner faster.

When you're creating content around your products or services, think about the hidden, unspoken reasons people enjoy them.

What are the other little reasons people do things?

What are the small joys that go unnoticed?

How can you make people feel like they're getting away with something?

How can you let them know (wink, wink, nod, nod) that you "get it"?

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A recent content project


A few years ago, I did a tech overview comparing SRAM's mountain bike group lineup. This year, Shimano finally finished their own complete 12-speed group lineup, from basic to premium.

Naturally, riders want to know what's different between the groups. Heck, I wanted to know what's different between the groups!

What I found surprised me.

Especially since I went to both launch events for these groups. After a couple hours on the phone with their tech reps, hours more pouring through tech documents and emails with their team, I learned way more than expected. And I was finally ready to produce this video showing Every. Single. Little. Detail.

What's the point?

If you're making a technical product, chances are your fans want to know all the geeky little details you're glossing over in your marketing.

Sure, most customers will be content to simply know it works and it's good. But your raving fans and internet defenders need more. So give it to them!

Whether that's with in-house production or by working with a media outlet, it's worth the time and effort. Even though this one is 29 minutes long, I bet it quickly becomes one of our most-watched videos ever. Watch it here.

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Cool Stuff I've Found


This week, it's three other newsletters I really enjoy...

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The Futurist - If you were to launch a cool email newsletter business built on affiliate revenue, The Futurist would be a good role model. It's quick and easy to digest and showcases uniquely interesting stuff that isn't flooding all the other daily news/entertainment emails and sites.

Here's to getting away with the little stuff,


Tyler Benedict

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