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Jun 11, 2020 3:48 pm


Hello Content Creators!

I don't have a good story this week, but I still have something for you.

This week, I just want to share a couple of FREE things I'm doing that your brand or media outlet can take advantage of.

For the brands:

I'm running an experiment. I've opened up my calendar next Tuesday and Wednesday so you can reserve a FREE 15 minute Content Marketing Strategy call from me.

This is totally free, but they're reserved for owners or marketing managers of a brand that is selling a product or service. You can book a time here, first come, first served. We can talk through a content marketing question or issue you have, and then I may ask you a couple quick questions, too.

For digital publishers & media:

I'm hosting a FREE online class this coming Monday, June 15, to teach online publishers how to create more profitable sponsored content and editorial packages.

These are the same things we use at Bikerumor to develop brand-supported content that really, truly resonates with readers. It's ethical, transparent, and moves the revenue needle in meaningful ways. If you have a website that relies on ads and content partnerships, come learn my secrets for free.

It's presented by Ezoic, which is the premium dynamic ad network we use for Bikerumor. REGISTER HERE for the class and to see who else is on the roster, or just put this Zoom link on your calendar for 12p EDT / 9a PDT, June 15, 2020. And check out Ezoic if you're looking for higher revenue from an ad network.

A recent content project


The past two weeks have seen our entire nation overcome with emotion and activity around the Black Lives Matter protests. Like you, I'm doing what I can to foster change, and I think the most powerful way many of us can act is to simply have a conversation about what it means to treat others with dignity, respect and equality.

For those of us with a platform, can you use it to foster bigger conversations? On Bikerumor, I interviewed my friend Christian (pictured above) about his experience working in the predominantly white cycling industry and being a black cyclist. It was just a conversation, nothing more, but it lends perspective to things many of us rarely have to think about.

You can listen to the podcast episode here, then hit subscribe so you catch our upcoming interview with professional cyclist Rahsaan Bahati (who's also African American, and a multi-multi-time national championship road racer!).

The takeaway? Just listen. And think about how you can foster conversations on race amongst your family and friends.

Quick reminder

I dropped the price for Peak Content Summit Digital to just $99 for full access to every session from the amazing content marketing conference I hosted in March. Check it out here, it's an incredible value for a complete masterclass in content marketing strategy! Grab that deal before it goes, and you'll get the same free swag we gave away to event attendees while they last!!

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Cool stuff I've found recently:


As content marketers, the better we understand more people, the better we're able to communicate with them in a meaningful way.

This week, I wanted to share three of the most thought-provoking books my wife and I have read lately. These have given us a new perspective on others' lives, struggles, and the variety of realities people face that are hard to know when they're not your own.

1. The War on Normal People - Read this if for no other reason than to prepare your children for the coming wave job losses due to AI and automation. Not gonna lie, the first 80% of this book is depressing, but Andrew Yang's ideas for reinventing the way we treat our fellow citizens provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Waking Up White - It's one thing to, as a white person, try to understand the black person's experience. It's a whole 'nother to fully understand our own experiences and know why they've shaped us the way they have. This book removes the kid gloves by sharing profound insights into the often unrealized benefits of white privilege. Because, to riff off RuPaul, if you can't understand yo' self, how the hell ya gonna understand anyone else?

3. Everything is F*cked - If you're not reading Mark Manson, I highly recommend his email newsletter. F-words aside, his insights into human psychology and behavior are brilliant, and delivered with wit and style. This book helps explain why, in a time of excess where we're statistically safer and richer than at any other time in human history, so many people are depressed, bored, or listless. It's a great read!

Thanks for reading! Quick ask...can you forward this to a couple friends that would enjoy it? Thanks!

Make it interesting,


Tyler Benedict

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