Peak Content Summit will blow you away (or I'll refund you)

Jun 05, 2020 3:19 pm


Happy Friday, everyone!

Do you know why I created Peak Content Summit?

Because I wanted to get a bunch of the smartest people in the same room as me so I could learn from them. And so that all of you could learn from them, too.

And then things got weird...

With travel anyway. Some folks had to cancel their travel. Others took a properly cautious wait-and-see approach. But the actual event was amazing. Everyone who made it was blown away by the quantity and quality of knowledge shared.

As I rewatched them all to edit the videos, I found myself taking more notes and listening in awe of the generosity of our speakers in lending us their very best tips and tactics!


I'm still super excited about this!

That's why I really want you to check out the sessions!

And that's why I dropped the price to just $99 for Peak Content Summit Digital.

I know you'll get a TON out of it!

Honestly, any one single session is worth $99, but you get the whole course for that price. You can even break it up into three $33 monthly payments.

If you don't like it, I'll give your money back

Simple as that. Register and pay by June 15, 2020, watch all of the courses, download the bonus materials, and learn from the best. If you don't think it was worth $99, tell me what it was worth to you and I'll Paypal you the difference. And if you don't like it all all, I'll give you a full refund.

BONUS!!! Register by June 15 and I'll call you, too!

Register and pay for Peak Content Summit Digital by June 15, 2020 to be eligible for my money-back guarantee. I'm confident you won't want to use it, but I want you to be confident in your purchase! Watch each session and this is 100% risk free!

And, when you register and pay by June 15, I'll also ship you the same amazing prize pack we gave away to event attendees while they last! I only have a few left, and when they're gone, they're gone.

I'll also schedule a 20-minute one-on-one Content Marketing Consultation call directly with you to help you apply lessons from the course specifically to your brand! Ready to get started?

Register Now!

Almost ready but want to check it out first? Click here and select the Free Preview to watch my Opening Keynote for free!

All the best,


Tyler Benedict

Founder, Peak Content Summit

PS - Got a friend or co-worker that's in charge of marketing and brand story telling? Forward this to the and they can get on this list and get in on the deal, too!

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