You want's how to sell it

Jun 03, 2020 4:22 pm


Hello Content Marketers!

If you're a solo content creator, the decision process is easy...something like "Does the value received exceed the cost?" If the answer's yes, then you upgrade. And many of you are... It's killer seeing so many content creators taking advantage our new $99 pricing for Peak Content Summit Digital.

But what if you need budget approval?

Here are a few things you can use to pitch it to the bean counters:

  • It will help our company grow sales.
  • It's about 1/20th the cost of traveling to a live event.
  • It's less than the cost of hiring any one of these people for a single hour to consult.
  • It will help us break into new markets.
  • It will help us generate more revenue.
  • It will streamline our content marketing processes so they deliver better ROI.

Here's what I'd say

If you just want to put it into perspective, I'd pitch it like this: For the cost of one takeout lunch for the team, we get a full year's access to ten of the smartest Content Marketing, Video, SEO, Analytics and Media expert sessions and will learn how to improve our marketing so that it generates more sales.

Or this:

I could spend a few hours over 2-3 days learning from expert sessions curated into a comprehensive curriculum...or I could waste weeks scrolling through dubious free content trying to piece it all together on my own.

And the entire 10-session Peak Content Summit Digital course is...


That's more than 90% off the full ticket price from the live event, and $200 off the original Digital Access price! Even better, we've added the ability to pay in three tiny monthly payments of $33 each! Click here to join the course and get this Limited Time Deal!


You will not find a more concentrated collection of the best Content Marketing, SEO, Video & Media expert teachers anywhere. And no other course packs as much value into a master class for just $99!

Peak Content Summit Digital Access is the most efficient, most incredible, and now most affordable way to master content marketing.

Register by June 15 and I'll call you!

One of the best parts about a live event is the networking and being able to bounce ideas off each other and ask the speakers questions. I want YOU to enjoy that same benefit!

Register and pay for Peak Content Summit Digital by June 15, I'll schedule a Content Marketing Consultation call directly with you. Not a group call, but an individual, one-on-one content strategy session to help you apply lessons from the course specifically to your brand!

I'll also ship you the same amazing prize pack we gave away to event attendees while they last! I only have a few left, and when they're gone, they're gone. Ready?

Register Now!

Almost ready but want to check it out first? Click here and select the Free Preview to watch my Opening Keynote for free!

All the best,


Tyler Benedict

Founder, Peak Content Summit

PS - Got a friend or co-worker that's in charge of marketing and brand story telling? Forward this to the and they can get on this list and get in on the deal, too! Need to get budget approval? Forward this to your team to show them what you'll learn quickly and efficiently!

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