Are you sitting down? Peak Content Summit speaker update!

Oct 04, 2019 5:04 pm


Hello all!

I'm excited to share that Harmon Brothers CEO Benton Crane will be speaking at Peak Content Summit next spring! OK, so who's Benton Crane? Well, he's leading the agency responsible for this:


Heard of Squatty Potty? This unicorn video has tens-of-millions of views and helped catapult the product into the stratosphere. They've also created equally compelling (and hilarious) campaigns for PooPourri, Chatbook and more!

Harmon Brothers' use of humor and strong visuals make their clients' ads massively memorable and shareable. That's why they've racked up more than 1 BILLION (with a B!!!) views on YouTube for their work. And helped their clients generate more than $300 million in sales!

This gives Harmon Brothers the luxury of being very selective in who becomes a client. Few brands get the chance to work directly with them. But join us at Peak Content Summit and Benton will teach you how to use the right kind of humor, in the right way, at the right time, to create content marketing with the potential to go viral. More importantly, how to make it more memorable and drive long-term sales!


Registration is open, sign up now for Early Bird pricing! Then sure to stay subscribed (or sign up if someone forwarded this to you!) and follow us on social for more updates and content strategy tidbits.

See you in March!


Tyler Benedict

Founder, Peak Content Summit

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