Go through Wormholes, not down Rabbit Holes

May 27, 2020 10:03 pm

We totally lucked out!

Peak Content Summit ended on March 13, and on March 14, 2020, travel was almost completely locked down. We squeaked in a real, live event at the Last. Possible. Moment.

And then what happened?


Major events like Content Marketing World opened up their entire event and back catalog for free. Other online courses dropped to free. And the Twitterverse, Instagram sponsored posts, and Facebook have literally exploded with free tips, free white papers, and free guides on how to design your content and marketing for this strange new world.

Basically, "Free" exploded.

But is it really free?

How much free time do you have? And what's it worth? Do you have hours and days to chase down nuggets of wisdom buried in thousands of social stories, blog posts, and videos?

Me neither. For realz.

All that free content IS NOT FREE. You're paying for it with your time. You get lost going down those Rabbit Holes. But...

Wormholes save you time.


And that was the whole point of Peak Content Summit. I wanted to create the type of intense, rapid fire, value packed conference I would want to attend.

One that would open the firehose of knowledge and deliver all of the best content marketing strategy lessons, from real world experts, in a way that gave everyone practical, tactical and actionable info you can put to use right away on your own brand.

It's like a wormhole. Enter, and in just 9 hours of amazing sessions, you've literally leap frogged over months or years of piecing it all together for yourself.


Fuel up your content time machine now...

Get ready to go through the wormhole.

But don't buy the Digital Access Ticket yet. Just be ready on Monday, June 1. I have something really great coming, but it'll only be available for a very limited time.

Stay tuned,


Tyler Benedict

Founder, Peak Content Summit

PS - Got a friend or co-worker that's in charge of marketing and brand story telling? Forward this to the and they can get on the list, too!

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