How To Create Independent Business and Live The Independent Lifestyle

Without a Lot of "Heavy Investment," and "A Lot of Risks" and "Even if You are Just Starting"


Hi, I am Dr. Ashish Juneja and in the past 7 days I have worked only on my Value Business

​I understand the 1 thing that you can command value if you Build, create, Deliver Value.

How is this possible? Is it simple or sounds complicated?

​You cannot take a lot of risks when you have your kids and family. And certainly, you cannot enter a venture immediately..

that is not known to you.

​Now it is time to finally tear off your fear

After working on my coaching and training business since 2014, I have a more than reasonable idea of figuring out what works and what is the waste of time.

I have tested various models in physical and digital business - there is a secret that most "coaches miss"

​If you are reading this, you are almost like me.

You love creating things.

You love becoming Independent.

You love to have your freedom and want to build a business the most ethical way and with integrity.

The best way to help yourself is to make more money.

​The moment you take a step, there is a decision. Then there is another decision and another decision.

This leads to a cycle where you are in a trap.

​Say to me "yes" if you have been thinking about any of these...

  • ​I do not have the clarity? Which is the best way? How am I going to stand out?

  • Should I create a course? How long the video should be? Will people come to my course?

  • Shall I first start with YouTube and try it out and then see what is the process? People have been making money, but I am confused.

  • I do not know where to start. I do not have the right strategy.

  • I do not know how to bring clients and revenue to the business.

  • I do not know. When and what to post on social media for social media branding?

  • I have heard of niche. I do not know my niche.

  • I do not know how to do sales? How to get leads for my business?

  • I do not have an ideal product/package. I am really confused about that.

  • I am not consistent and do not know what to sell.

  • Who is my target audience/customer? How to create a course that will sell?

  • I know many things, but I am confused. How to get people to buy my idea?

  • I want to create a Business ASAP but how to find/create a product that will sell?

This is just the sample that can go on for days and days.

Any question above is leading you to non-action and confusion.

Example - If I do a workshop/webinar, how long it should be? Which platform I will use? Is zoom good for delivering the workshops?

There are many people who quit because of non-clarity leading to inaction.

After trying and testing various models, I have analyzed a simple system...


Independent Business

Single Business Multiple Revenue

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