For Wild Places 16.04.21 ☀️

We protect what we loveFRIDAY . 16 . 04 . 21 .Hey there! It's Paige here, and I am excited to bring you an interview with my good friend and ongoing source of inspiration, Lucy Barthlomew.A couple of weeks ago, Australian professional trail runner an...

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Apr 16, 2021
For Wild Places 16.04.21 💥

We protect what we love FRIDAY . 16 . 04 . 21 .Hey there!XXHILARYS RECCOMENDATIONWhat I am loving RNAt Takayna we hosted our first peak out. Check out more information here.Have a super weekend ya'll, and all the best to those tackling the Buff...

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Apr 13, 2021
For Wild Places 09.04.21 💛

We protect what we love FRIDAY . 09 . 04 . 21 .Hey there!Is it just me, or is 2021 speeding up as we get further into it?! Maybe it was just the extra long weekend messing with the workweek/weekend continuum - but regardless, we are stoked to be...

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Apr 09, 2021
For Wild Places 02.04.21 💁‍♀️

We protect what we love FRIDAY . 02 . 04 . 21 .Hey Folks!Happy (Good) Friday! We hope you're already kicked off your extra special long weekend adventure, whether it be immersing yourself in the great outdoors, spending time with family or consu...

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Apr 02, 2021
Exciting news about the Pilliga Ultra

Hi there A little while back I sent you an email about the launch of the Pilliga Ultra – a new trail running event to raise awareness and funds to protect the beautiful Pilliga Forest in North West NSW from coal seam gas mining.Well, I have...

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Apr 01, 2021
For Wild Places 26.03.21 ⛰

We protect what we love FRIDAY . 26 . 03 . 21 .Happy Friday FWP folks! We hope this week’s newsletter finds you safe and well, in particular to our friends in NSW and QLD who have experienced yet another unprecedented weather event.  A...

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Mar 26, 2021
Checking in

Hey there I hope you don't mind me checking in with you.A little while back you pre-registered to take part in the Pilliga Ultra.The event will take place on May 22, 2021, and our 20k & 50k courses will take you over breathtaking rocky outcr...

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Mar 25, 2021
For Wild Places 19.03.21 🍃

We protect what we love FRIDAY . 19 . 03 . 21 .Hi there, I'm Simon.There's something a little poetic about writing this today as I sit here looking at the mountains and the forest in the Tarkine preparing for takayna Trail 2021 (an event I co-cr...

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Mar 19, 2021
So sorry that I have to do this

Hi there I must apologise profusely! This email replaces your usual weekly wonderful For Wild Places (FWP) newsletter - I know heartbreaking but I think the news I have maybe worth the interruption.  I’ve not long returned from the bea...

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Mar 12, 2021
International Women's Day Summit Wrap Up

Hi there!Thank you for being a part of the first For Wild Places virtual Summit! Paige, Mariela and I had a lot of fun talking to all of our guests and are beyond thankful to those who joined us for four very enlightening and fun conversations.You ca...

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Mar 08, 2021