Where should I send your signed book?

Jun 11, 2022 5:28 am


I'm so excited: today is the first Saturday in months that I won't be working on my book...because it's finished!

Just as well really, because it's coming out this Thursday.

Oh, and here's the final cover that won the vote:


I spent a whole week going through and implementing all the helpful suggestions I received from readers like you, and the book is waaaay stronger for it.

So to say thank you, I'd like to send you a signed copy.

Please enter your postal address into this form so I know where to send it.

Just to warn you: it won't arrive in time for the day of release. I probably won't receive it myself until release day (Thursday 16th), then need to sign it and post it on to you. So best to assume it won't arrive with you until the 27th or so.

Also, I've prepared some bonuses for everyone who buys during the week of release. You can see what they are here, and I'll make sure you get them all. No action needed on your part: I'll just send you everything as it's ready.

Have a great weekend!