Be Connected is a premium online membership for strengthening your relationship

and developing the ability to share your feelings and needs, stop the repeating arguments, and improve your relationship for a lifetime of love.

As a couples therapist and relationship expert, I created this relationship-changing membership to share tools that have evidence behind them showing that they work to help you make the changes that you need in your relationship.

This monthly online membership is an empowering space that you get to learn how to change your relationship.


Because relationships are hard. And no body teaches us how to communicate our feelings and needs.

I know...

... Your relationship is important to you, but you feel overwhelmed with the idea of adding in one more thing to do. Your relationship is the last thing on your to-do list, even though you want that spark back.

... You want to be able to express how you feel but every time you do, it doesn't end up going where you thought it would.

... After being together for some time, your relationship feels different. Maybe the same problems keep happening, or you don't feel like you are actually resolving your differences.

Even when we make time for our partner, we will still get triggered in our relationship and struggle. Because relationships are complicated!

But it doesn't HAVE to be this way.

As a couples therapist and relationship expert, I have developed actionable tools that I teach women in my program to elevate their relationship.

You will learn how to:

  • Stop the repeating arguments that leave you not able to solve every day problems
  • Change the mental load in your relationship - and the dynamic that results in doing every thing in your relationship
  • Learn how to ask for what you want, how to respond to your partner, and how to set boundaries.

I welcome in a limited number of people each month. Join the waitlist to find out when we open up the doors again.

Imagine being able to ask for your needs from your partner. You are no longer getting stuck in those repeating disagreements that pop up over and over again. You know what the feelings and needs are underneath that argument, and you can help your partner respond, instead of getting critical or defensive. Imagine improving your communication so that you both feel connected and secure.

This is where my membership, Be Connected, comes in.

Be Connected is designed with the busy woman in mind. 

No more overwhelm. 

Not one more thing to do.

A relationship expert showing up wherever you are, giving you bite size pieces to help you develop a love for a lifetime. 

Be Connected is your tribe to support you through the challenges we all face and help you master your relationship.

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