Want to access Multiple Solutions to your Topmost Business/Personal Challenges, in just a few minutes?

Then, you're in the right place! Imagine, walking into a meeting with the most pressing challenge... and walking out with not one, but MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS, to overcome your challenge, in just a few miutes.

That's what happens in well-facilitated Masterminds & HotSeat Calls.

Since 2019, I've been hosting such High-Level Business Masterminds & HotSeat Calls, to support (1) Business Leaders, (2) Corporate Leaders & (3) Aspiring Entrepreneurs, in REAL-TIME. Today, these Live Monthly Calls are exclusively for the paid members of my Global Heart Leaders Club 🏆

But, here's FREE access to recordings of 6 such HotSeat Calls, where our members asked brilliant questions, right from Mindset to Marketing (& a lot more)... and you'll be surprised to see some of their questions are exactly what you have on your mind :)

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Rupa Patil

Certified MASTERMIND Professional

International Business Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker

On Mission to support at least 10K Heart Centered Entrepreneurs to help them grow their income and impact.

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