Unlock the Secrets to Safe, Intentional, and Transformative Psychedelic Experiences!

Have you ever wondered about the potential for psychedelics to unlock new dimensions of consciousness, promote healing, and elevate your spiritual journey? You're not alone. But diving into the world of psychedelics without preparation is like setting sail on an ocean without a compass.

That's why we've crafted a comprehensive 6-Week Course that provides a roadmap to navigate the uncharted territories of psychedelics with confidence, wisdom, and intent.

The Ultimate Guide To Psychedelic Preparation Course Highlights:

  1. Setting Intentions: The cornerstone of any transformative experience.
  2. Risk Assessment: Identifying who should and shouldn't partake, along with the nuances of health and medication.
  3. Trauma-Informed Approaches: An in-depth look at the intersection of trauma and psychedelics, including the importance of physical touch and consent.
  4. Understanding the Psyche: Get familiar with your shadow self, learn to manage your ego, and find out how to surrender safely.
  5. Practical Considerations: Tips for optimizing set and setting, and choosing a guide or facilitator.
  6. Integration: Make sense of your psychedelic experiences and integrate the wisdom into your daily life.

Benefits of Enrolling:

  • Guidance from Experts: Leverage decades of combined experience in integrative medicine and psychedelic therapy.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering everything from intention setting to long-term integration.
  • Community Support: Interact with like-minded individuals in breakout pod discussions and forums.
  • Quiz and Assessments: Solidify your knowledge and gauge your preparedness.
  • Resource-rich: A plethora of reading materials, journal prompts, and guided meditations.

By registering your interest today, you are under NO obligation to enroll in the course. But you will be the first to know when the course registration opens and receive an Exclusive Early Bird Discount!

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