Join Dr. 1Dreah Pennington, John Jacob Mubarak, and Dr. Laxmi Naik for a powerful live discussion about the journey from burnout to revitalization. As leaders in the field of healing and transformation, they'll dive deep into the unique challenges healthcare professionals face and how these challenges often culminate in burnout.

They'll explore why traditional methods for coping with burnout often fall short and reveal a more profound and effective approach: Rejuvenate and Reconnect: The Burnout Retreat for Healthcare Providers in Costa Rica in December 2023. This retreat isn't just a break from the hustle—it's a fundamental reset, a deep dive into the roots of stress, and a step onto the path of sustained wellness and resilience.

Throughout this conversation, they will share powerful insights into the retreat's blend of psilocybin-assisted therapy, breathwork, kundalini yoga, and integrative healing approaches, all designed to restore vitality, hope, and wellbeing.

If you're a healthcare provider experiencing burnout or if you know someone who is, this live talk could be the first step on a transformative journey to reclaim your passion, your vitality, and your life. Sign up today to learn more and connect with a compassionate community seeking real, lasting solutions to burnout. Let's heal together.

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