The Price Of Money: Another audiobook update

Mar 30, 2023 8:33 pm


Woohoo – it's publication day!


The Price Of Money has been published today on all formats – hardback, Kindle and (at last!) audio.

I do, however, have an a highly annoying update.

As it turns out, the publisher isn't able to provide anywhere near the number of free audiobook download codes I need.

I don't think they believed me about how keen and engaged you are 😃

So I've dished out the ones I've got – but as you're receiving this email it means I've run out.

Don't worry though! I said I'd refund you in full if for any reason I couldn't keep my side of the bargain, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Here's how it'll work:

  1. Fill in this form so I've got the email address associated with your Amazon account
  2. I'll send you an Amazon gift card for the £12 you originally spent. (This is infinitely quicker and easier than faffing around with bank details, but if you strongly prefer a bank transfer just send me your details.)
  3. You can go to Audible to place your order, and have The Price Of Money in your ears moments later!

I don't want to downplay how gigantically annoying this is: I'm really sorry to have messed you around, but I'm doing my best to make sure you don't lose out despite being unable to deliver what I originally promised.

(It's also highly annoying personally because this will be costing me £7 x a lot and taking up loads of time.)

When I was first publishing the book I had no idea it would be picked up by a publisher, so it didn't even cross my mind that this could happen.

But hey – the good news is the audiobook is out now and you can buy it here, so after about 9 months of waiting you can finally give it a listen!

I hope you do decide to pick it up, and end up agreeing that it was worth the wait.

Sorry and thank you again,