The Price Of Money: Free course and audiobook update

Jan 12, 2023 7:21 am


You're receiving this note because you bought my book The Price Of Money in its week of release, and I'd like to share a cool piece of news with you.

As a result of the phenomenal success of the book, I've signed a deal with Penguin Books.

Y'know, the biggest publisher in the world.

Penguin will release an updated and extended hardcover version of The Price Of Money on 30 March 2023. I'll then write another book for them (on the subject of investing and personal finance) for release in 2024.

This means that the important messages in The Price Of Money will reach even more people (it'll be stocked in bookshops across the country and get a big PR push), which I couldn't be more excited about.

This means a couple of exciting things...

Exciting thing #1: The audiobook will finally come out!

I started talking to Penguin soon after the book was released, which is why I wasn't able to push ahead with recording the audiobook as I'd planned.

But now, it will come out at the same time as the hardcover on 30 March.

I should, as promised, be able to give you a free copy of the audiobook because you bought during the original launch week.

I'm still negotiating this with Penguin though, so if for any reason I can't give it to you for free I'll offer you a full refund on the purchase you've already made.

(If you're sick of waiting and want a refund now, that's totally understandable: just let me know and I'll sort it out for you.)

Exciting thing #2: I've recorded a free course based on the book

To encourage people to pre-order the new edition, I'm offering a free four-lesson video course (more than 90 mins of video in total) to anyone who places an order before 30 March.

But as you've already bought the book, I want you to have it too – without any additional purchase.

Here's the link to access the course – please don't pass it on to anyone else

Willing to support me even more?

Not gonna lie: my aim with this book is to get onto the Sunday Times bestseller list. That's the best way of attracting a new audience, and spreading these ideas that I believe are so important.

Hitting the bestseller list requires racking up a lot of pre-orders, because they get stored up and all count towards the charts on the day the book is released.

I'm not expecting you to pre-order the new version, because you've already been kind enough to buy the book once.

But if you do want to support me by pre-ordering the new edition, this is the link to use

You'll get a beautiful hardcover copy, which has been fully revised and updated for today's economy – including coverage of September's "mini-budget" and its financial fallout.

It also includes a whole new "afterword" which summarises what I consider to be the most important big-picture takeaways. I actually think it's the best part of the book.

You've already done more than enough, but if you do decide to pre-order the new edition it'll mean a lot.

Again, thank you so much! I never thought I'd end up working with the biggest publisher in the world, and it's only happened because of your amazing support.

All the best,