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I often write about local businesses in Canada, many of which are in Ontario.

The best thing about writing about these diverse companies is getting to learn about who they are and what they do.

Beyond that, sharing this inside scoop with you truly makes me feel like I am contributing to the world - Or, at least, our local world. Starting right here in Ontario.

For Example

My most recent research led me deep into the Stoney Creek / Hamilton area business that serves to fix and repair industrial pumps for big business and the industrial establishment in the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario.

It was cool to learn that they pickup and deliver the repaired pumps, as well as facilitate people dropping them off at their shop directly.

Another Case of Canadian Business

The next company I had the pleasure of digging deep on was a medical tourism company based out of Simcoe, Ontario.

I had no idea that wait times were so bad in Canada, and that even private clinics cannot keep up with the intense demand for this life saving surgery! Who know - Certainly not me, until I learned all about Gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and the mini gastric bypass. All incredibly fascinating.

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