Authentic Visibility Content Writing Circle Waitlist

What if I help you plan + write your personal brand content?

First batch closed, sign up to hear news about the second batch. But don't expect it to run anytime soon. Probably by early 2024. ✨

And NO we won't go straight into writing what's on your mind.

Nor we'll focus on copywriting.

This is about the foundations and we're gonna go deeper!

We'll start with the basics:

⚡ Your messaging + positioning + content goal

⚡ What you stand for + your life truths

⚡ What you want to be known for, Your signature leadership content idea that's both fueled by good and bad energy

⚡ The role of content not just in your business and life, but for your mental well-being and self-expression too

⚡ The usual: content pillars and guardrails (to keep you in the lane)

⚡ Which platform to focus on (Hello Threads? lol)

⚡ Your content generation plan (confession: I write on the fly, I don't have a solid plan, it's more like a north star/framework only, we'll find yours)

⚡ Copywriting 201 for social content

L💛ve Note: After you submit your details, you'll be redirected to my Facebook post with the format of this program. And I'll send you details as we polish them. Plus, you'll be added to my email newsletter, Hardwired to Thrive.

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