Authentic Visibility Content Writing Circle Waitlist

Take 2: What if I help you plan + write your personal brand content?

Batch 1 with 39 students — you guys still get the same access without paying again (except if you wanna upgrade to the group coaching).

Batch 2 will be open in 1-2 months and I'm capping the slots so we can give a quality course experience. ✨

This time, not just on Facebook...

But on the untouchable beast of a platform, LinkedIn too!

This time, it's going to focus more on execution, LinkedIn, and building relationships that your content ignited.

This will still be about the foundations and we're gonna go deeper—but it's a tad tactical AND more workshop-like too!

We'll start with the basics:

⚡ Your messaging + positioning + offer (NEW)

⚡ (NEW) Content goals depending on where you are on your content creator arc

⚡ What you stand for + your life truths (but let's limit it to work)

⚡ What you want to be known for, your signature leadership content idea that's both fueled by good and bad energy

⚡ (NEW) Content lighthouse + guardrails (to keep you in the lane) — Like content pillars, but not limiting

⚡ (NEW) LinkedIn-specific content strategy

⚡ Your content generation plan (confession: I write on the fly, I don't have a solid plan, it's more like a north star/framework only, we'll find yours)

⚡ (NEW) LIVE Copywriting 201 sessions for social content creation

⚡ (NEW) Your slow living roadmap and the role of content in it all

⚡ (NEW) Types of content writing strategy to help prep you up for consistency (not the daily posting)

L💛ve Note + FAVORRRR:

P.S. After you submit this form, you'll be redirected to my Facebook post with more details about this program. Can you comment "Authentic Visibility" and tag 2 freelancer friends who wanna show up on social?

P.P.S. I'll send you more email updates in the upcoming weeks.

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