Myth as Medicine

Myth as Medicine: Tracking Vitality in Northern Myths

Are you interested in mythology as a tool for connection, insight and reflection in the modern world?

Do you enjoy storytelling and the opportunity to go deeper with story?

Would you enjoy a collective journey, through a cycle of myths to maximise the dreaming potential of Winter?

If so, read on...

Storytelling is an age old craft, honed by glowing firesides since the dawning of human culture. Some people call humans ‘the storytelling animal’ as our language and brain have evolved through stories and storytelling. Storytelling is powerful, although few utilise that power to it’s full potential.

Stories offer entertainment but not only that, many myths carry the wisdom of ancestral cultures who passed on the best of their knowledge (how to live in right relationship with the land, their community and themselves) through story. These insights can be gleaned from myths when we give them attention and approach them in a certain way.

Just listening to such tales is enlivening, it can rewire the brain and rewild our minds amidst the mundanity of the modern world. Yet another beauty of stories is that they are adaptive, not prescriptive. Each listener hears something different according to their own values and life experience. We each draw our own learning and points of relevance from the tale. Great stories touch everyone deeply, yet in diverse and personal ways.

This course will present a specially curated mythic cycle, and offer the opportunity and tools to go on an individual and group journey with each, taking us closer to our wild nature, ancient cultures of wild northern lands, and our inner selves at the same time.

Nature connection activities and reflective questioning will support the process.

Previous participants have appreciated the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of storytelling and myth, in a way that has enriched their dailly lives. 

Participants have awakened to mythology and story as tools for mindful living, imagination, finding points of connection to the natural world and ancestral cultures.

Participants have been surprised at the unique ways this course has supported them in navigating the trials and tribulations of their daily lives, and felt the support of a caring cohort.

This is an opportunity to approach stories and myth with mix of reverence and playfulness that helps the story sing to us, and tune our ears to hear its specific resonance to our daily lives.

By participating in Myth as Medicine you will get a chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in wild Northern Myths (from Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia)
  • Optimise the dreaming potential of Winter
  • Use myth as a mirror for your life
  • Glean wisdom from ancient cultures
  • Develop ‘mythic literacy’ (understanding the coded language within myth)
  • Learn tools for journeying deeper with story
  • Use myth to connect self, community and nature

What happens?

We meet weekly online where Dougie tells a selected myth, opportunity to respond to that myth is given in a group setting, then tools for working with that myth through the week are given. Additional resources are offered during the week and group chat supports the experience. We come together the next week, reflect upon the experience and repeat. The diversity of the activities and stories ensures each week is fresh and the experience cumulative.

In short:

  • Ten mythic tales are told ‘live’ over ten weeks through online story share and reflection
  • Bespoke exercises to engage with each story are given, including reflective journaling and nature connection prompts
  • Video recordings of live calls are provided (catch up in your own time) as are weekly updates and additional resources
  • Cohort support and group chat offers an engaging community environment
  • Storyteller Dougie Mackay will guide this through a tried and tested model of mythic immersion, combining his professional experience in storytelling, nature connection and community development

Previous feedback:

“Thank you for the course, the shift it has provided has been subtle but profound; the journeys, the conversation, the invitations to go deeper with them help open the path you speak of.” JD, USA

"I'm telling anyone who can listen about your course, I loved it. I'd totally do it again."VM, NI

“What a rich group of people you have gathered! It was such a treat to listen and share.” ND, USA

“Dougie, the Medicine in Myth is real and I am grateful for the stories you are sharing, connecting with such lovely folks in your class, the thoughtful conversations, and the invitations to take the stories deeper into our own inner work.”

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