NOTE: This project is now over. I am incredibly happy with the results. We had a lot of great people sign up and join the site. I might do it again in the future. Sign up below if you want to be added to the waiting list.

Due to COVID-19, there’s a lot of chaos and uncertainty in the entire entertainment business at the moment. Many music industry professionals are standing on shifting ground, planning their next steps, taking things one day at a time.

Music Biz Life is free virtual hangout for artists, creators, and music industry professionals to come together, discuss ideas, and connect during a time when connections matter - tell us what you’re working on, ask for help, solve difficult problems, post a job, share your resume, or just say hi to folks. It’s a place to do what we do, but together.

Travel opportunities are limited. And people are working from their homes. It’s more important than ever to stay connected to the music business community right now.

As a member of Music Biz Life, you will get free access to:

  • a super cool community discussion board
  • 24/7 video chat Zoom room to connect with others face-to-face

Music Biz Life is a project, which means it will have a definite beginning and end. At the moment, this site will be open for at least 6 weeks, possibly more.

I hope this helps you make meaningful connections during this incredibly difficult time.

Be friends!

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