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I am always trying to improve, and some of it doesn't make for great content on LinkedIn or Facebook.


People always ask me about recommendations on everything from products to books to podcasts because they know that I've probably already done the research. #TeamC


With those two things in mind, I decided to create the Sherpa Newsletter.


Sherpas are people renowned for climbing and leading people up mountains. I don't have all the answers, but you can learn from my experience and my mistakes.


This newsletter will be where I talk about various things that help me improve and/or I find interesting, such as:


  • Insights on sales, entrepreneurship, training, and improving — I am a sales-focused entrepreneur on a life-long path of making sales approachable. I find overlap in my hobbies so that the time I spend improving one thing helps me in everything else.

  • Book and media recommendations — I read a lot of books focused on sales improvement and personal development. But I also like to share new shows, awesome music, or anything else that either inspires or entertains me.

  • Product recommendations — Everything under the sun, from backpacks to headphones to training equipment to new apps or software. I only talk about stuff I plan on trying or currently use. I extensively research everything I shop for, and I’m super picky.

  • Good examples of marketing — Copy and email marketing is overlooked by most people, but it is one of the biggest levers anyone has access to. I like to highlight companies that use it well.

  • Cool companies and non-profits that I uncover — I am not an investor, but I like to talk about cool people doing cool things.

If these sound like the kinds of things you want to know more about, sign up below!

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