I am always trying to improve, and not everything I am trying to improve on makes for great content on LinkedIn.

People are always asking me about recommendations on everything from products to books to podcasts because they know that I have already done the research in most cases.

With that I decided to create the Sherpa Newsletter.

Sherpas are people renowned for climbing and will lead people up mountains. I don't have all the answers, but you can learn from my mistakes.

This will be where I talk about various things that I find interesting, here are some of the things that I plan to talk about:

  • Book reports on books I am reading/audbile-ing. Mostly business and personal development, but some sci-fi and fantasy as well.
  • Product recommendations. Everything under the sun; from backpacks to headphones, to training equipment. Only stuff I would use, and I am picky.
  • Good examples of marketing in various forms. Copy and email marketing is overlooked by most people, but it is one of the biggest levers anyone has access to. I will point out companies that use it well.
  • Cool companies and non-profits that I uncover. I am not an investor, but there are some cool people doing cool things.
  • Insights on sales, entrepreneurship, training, improving. I am a sales focused entrepreneur on a life long path of making sales approachable. I find overlap in my hobbies, so that any time I spend improving anything helps me in everything else.