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International Bestselling author, Ji Soo Lee, spends most of her time time lost in a K-pop haze, finding inspiration for the idols and actors in the Atlantis Entertainment universe.


H3RO (Part 1), a K-pop reverse harem

Onyx, a K-pop reverse harem


The Goddess of Fate & Destiny, a PNR reverse harem co-written with Serenity Ackles

Zodiac, a YA K-pop romance

(S)he's All Theirs, a You-Choose Why-Choose romance, being released chapter by chapter in her Facebook group


H3RO (Part 2), a K-pop reverse harem

Sovereign, a K-pop reverse harem

And many more...

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Ji Soo will keep you updated on the Atlantis Roster, as well as providing you with a healthy dose of K-Pop, some Korean culture, and if she can persuade her 할머니 (that’s Korean for ‘grandmother’, pronounced halmeoni) to part with some cherished recipes, some of those, along with some reading recommendations. There may even be a few insights into her crazy life. But probably not, because her life is very boring…

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