Project Recipe: Family Trees & Burls

Project recipe for a child’s teaching ebook, featuring Kerri Kearney

Adoption, divorce, remarriage, surrogacy, and more create winding and uniquely beautiful burls on the family tree. Exploring these burls further reveals the spirit and vitality of these ties we call family. However, decisions about how to create, tell, retell, position, and hold on to family stories for the next generation can be complicated by personal values, an effort to protect those we love, and the sheer messiness of human lives.

This Project Recipe event was held on October 5th, 2023, and featured Kerri Kearney, a community member, professor, and scholar at Oklahoma State University, specializing in family narratives. Kerri is also a community member and will join us to share how she's spun her own experiences into a new digital project recipe. To explore her work, see Mothers as Keepers and Tellers of Origin Stories, where she was editor in a collection of essays, Our Precious Little Bella Boo a children's story, and Another Voice from Inside the Adoption Triangle, an academic paper.

This event is a great example of ProjectKin members learning from other members. As with all of our programs, everyone will have access to a recording of the session and the opportunity to discuss questions about software with other participants in our free community forum.

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