You don't have to sell or close your business. Let other Christians help carry on your legacy

Your business can serve an eternal purpose. Just because you want to retire or move on from your business does not mean that God cannot continue to use your business to bless your employees, clients and suppliers.

Pack is set up by a team of Christian entrepreneurs to take over the running of your business with the help of other Christian professionals in God's Kingdom. We put together a Pack of Christian professionals with the right heart, skill and beliefs to manage and grow your business using biblical principles. In a way, a Pack takeover from you so that it is not just one person looking after your business but a community.

Right now, we are at the stage of learning more about the needs of retiring Christian owners like yourself. Please register your interest with us and we will contact you for a short chat.

Thank you

The Pack Team

PS: We will only use your contact details to arrange a call with you. You will not receive any other messages from us unless we have your agreement.

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