Pickering Stucco Removal

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Removing stucco from your ceilings in Pickering, Ontario is no longer a chore to be feared. With the Stucco Squad, you can have us quote to smoothen your ceilings and remove the popcorn texture for good.

We operate all throughout the Durham Region, including Pickering, and hope to hear from you soon.

Reasons to Remove Stucco / Popcorn Ceilings

There's many reasons why you should look to remove stucco ceilings from your home, the biggest reason of course being the possibility of asbestos.

In homes built prior to 1980, many builders in Pickering were still unfortunately using a stucco blend that contained asbestos... Not cool! We have the proper tools and containment techniques to isolate rooms in your home in Pickering to remove the popcorn ceiling without contaminating other areas of the house.

Thankfully, there aren't that many homes in Pickering left that should have to worry about asbestos. It is good to be aware of the risks though.

There's plenty more reasons why a homeowner in the Durham Region such as yourself would seek to smoothen their ceiling with our stucco contracting services.

The lighting quality within your home is also affected by whether or not you have a textured ceiling. The patterns and material used on the ceiling can prevent light from spreading as it naturally would do... This creates shadows and really impacts how far the light can travel, thereby having a 'darkening' effect on the room in question.

With a smooth ceiling, the room opens right up and becomes bright and beautiful. You may also notice that the ceilings look higher. Especially when painted with a nice crisp white ceiling paint.

Air Quality and Bugs

Stucco, textured, and acoustic ceiling all have this little expressed problem of diminishing air quality as well as offering up a great vacation home for bugs and insects.

No one wants either of these. It then just becomes a matter of education.

That's why the Stucco Squad is here to inform you, and advise you on why, as a homeowner in Pickering Ontario, and the Durham Region in general, you should definitely take the next steps towards getting the job done!

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