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Bryan Plumb, CEO of Bee Digital

I helped 3 of your competitors. You next?

Mar 26, 2020 6:03 pm

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See, that subject line works...and no, it wasn't just clickbait.

Let me explain...

A subject like the one used above was the approach I suggested to Robin, a successful sales professional who has worked for several education and edtech companies throughout her career.

She asked me about how to get school decision-makers to open prospecting emails.

In her case, of course, it wasn't "competitors," it was "neighbors." And...she could actually go more specific if she wanted to.

This call was part of the "Power Calls" series I ran during the fall of 2019, which I'll be promoting again for the next few days. If you're looking for a free 15-minute copy analysis, keep an eye on your inbox or sign up here for first dibs.

(As I make abundantly clear in the promotional emails and sign up page (and on the actual call), there's a tradeoff:

You get my free time + advice, which others pay for, and in return, I record the call and share clips that might be useful to other folks in the education industry. No, I won't rudely share any information that should be kept private like names of employers, colleagues, clients, results, etc.)

Anyway, here's my advice to Robin on how to get school leaders to open your emails:


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Gerard Dawson

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