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Shout-out to Jesus followers who want to fulfill your bucket list dream: getting your book done in the next year!

Especially if you want to turn the "ashes" of past trauma into the "beauty" of a Christian nonfiction book

to bring help and healing to others for the Kingdom of God

Don't let the book God laid on your heart just sit at the bottom of your bucket list.

Get it to your reader's night stand.

That Book God Called You to Write:

Get It from Your Bucket List to Your Reader's Night Stand

You want to get that book out of your head and into the hands of those who have been praying for it.

Now you can learn practical steps to do exactly that.

Breakthrough Strategies to Help You Get Started on Your Life-Transforming Book and Head You Toward the Finish Line

(especially if you have no idea where to start and don’t know how you’ll overcome those barriers)

--> When you don't even know how to proceed. (Because writing a book isn't as easy as somebody told you it was.)

--> When your nameless fears and mental blocks are holding you back. (Because trauma is a beast.)

--> Why "Just sit down and start writing" doesn't work. (You tried that, and you hit a wall.)

--> When you're haunted by what you don't know, like what to do before you write your book and what to do after you write your book. (It's why I call it book "crafting," because there's more to it than the writing.)

By the end of this training, you'll know how to have the confidence, clarity, and competence you need to craft your life-transforming book.

You'll learn processes like . . .

--> How to identify your writing blocks and actually deal with them. (You may have thought you should just try to ignore them and push through.)

--> How to answer 3 of the Clarity Questions that will help you work through these blocks. (It's essential to keep these in front of you.)

--> A little-known trick to help you clarify your own message and target it to your ideal reader. (This one might surprise you.)

--> And more!

Plus, in the first few minutes, a practical tool to gain the confidence you need to know that YOU are the one to write your book.

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