Dementia Care

Assistive Technology

How To Choose The Right Dementia Care Assistive Technology For Your Situation.

Inside You'll Learn:  

  • How To Achieve Clarity About A Technology’s Potential to assist a person living with dementia and their care team.  So, before you put your hands in your pocket consider these features and functions in the checklist.

  • The 6 Essential Features To Assess: This is where you focus your attention to make sure it meets your needs.

  • 6 Functionally Relevant Factors To Consider:  It is often the practical issues which pop up after an assistive technology purchase that people give themselves a head bump. Avoid this with the checklist

  • Check - What Are The Hidden Costs? (Do you know these?) Most people fail to consider this very point when they are looking to buy technology. Here we uncover 5 areas to consider

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