Do you know that e-commerce has already changed the way consumers shop online? 

And I'm sure you know that already! 

The world has shifted online drastically and things have become very more convenient because of this. 

And with this profitable business model you can make more money without struggling with product research and dragging with delivery/shipping agents. 

The retail e-commerce market (including dropshipping stores) in the U.S alone is pegged at $220 billion which is growing at about 17% each year and before 2025, the e-commerce industry is expected to reach a market valuation of $557.9 billion, registering a CAGR of 28.8%.

You might have not heard this... 


Even the popular WALMAT and KONGA have built their entire businesses around e-commerce dropshipping. 

You may have this questions in mind to ask me now:

✅So, What Is This Dropshipping Business Model?

✅What’s The Advantage And Disadvantage Between Stand-Alone E-commerce Business And Dropshipping Business?

✅How Do I Get Started With One Of These Profitable Business Models And Be Successful At It?

✅Where Can I Get All The Tools And Resources To Get Started With?

✅What’s The Investment Rate Between Stand-Alone E-commerce Business And Drop-shipping?

✅What’s The Profit Margin For The Two Business Models?

✅How Long Would It Take Me To Achieve My Target Results?

And a lot more....

Well, in this E-COMMERCE VS DROP-SHIPPING REVIEW BOOK you will find all the IN-AND-OUT secrets, tips, tools, strategy and resources you need to start a successful e-commerce business in Nigeria.

👉🏼It doesn’t matter your experience in sales and marketing, product research and advertising skills.

👉🏼It doesn’t matter your level of experience in e-commerce business; whether you’re a newbie with green horns or a pro with gray hairs to show for it. This is a must-read book for you.

You will find EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW within the pages.

But WHY almost 85% e-commerce stores in Nigeria failed?

There’s no doubt that this could be the reasons:

1. Lack of knowledge on a particular business model

2. Not having access to SCALABLE resources and marketing tools

3. Using fake business plans and marketing strategies.

4. Dealing with wrong mentors and fake digital marketing gurus.

5. People don’t analyze business models before jumping into the game. 

6. Lack of patience, entrepreneurship mindset and "get rich quick" habits.

7. Fear, giving up easily and inconsistency.

8. We always want to be “jack of all trades and master at none”.

9. We digest too much information without implementation 

10. We find it difficult to believe in online opportunities

These could be the reason why you’re yet to figure out how the industry works.

And yet no digital marketing experts cares to bring a solution to these problems. Just a few of numbers to count🤷🏽‍♂️


👉🏼This review book is for you if you’re a store owner who wants to expand his or her business by leveraging e-commerce business and attracting customers globally.

👉🏼A small business owner who wants to diversify into a new business model and build a stream of income.

👉🏼A well grounded e-commerce entrepreneur who have been looking for powerful resources and results-driving strategies to grow his or her business and generate more revenue overtime.

👉🏼A 9-5ers who wants to venture into a profitable online business model that guarantees results and return on investment.

👉🏼A retired civil servant who wants to leverage e-commerce business and make a proper investment instead of burning your pension on quark courses or online opportunities.

👉🏼A graduate Nigerian with a “startup mindset” who is ready and have an “open mind” to learn how to overcome every challenge, obstacles and problems related to building an online store. 

If you’re among the categories listed above then, this review book is for you.

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