Hi, I’m Giselle,

I wasted a lot of time in my early years trying to stand out in a world filled with people who were equally (or more) capable, equally (or more) smart and usually, much more experienced. Learning how to present myself as an authority has made all the difference.

If you’re good at what you do, (and you are), success is totally achievable regardless of what the overall economy is doing. Or how the market is evolving.

But it won’t happen on its own. You need a good amount of grit. Plus smart strategies, proven processes, good habits and consistent execution.

In ‘How to Maximize your Earning Potential’ you will learn:

  • Why certification, degrees, and credentials have little to do with whether or not you’re perceived as an authority
  • How to describe who you are and what you do in a way that positions you as authority
  • How to develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • How the words you use – in the things you publish, the e-mails you write, the presentations you give – position you as an authority
  • Why you need to publish content to be viewed as an authority (and how to do it)
  • How to identify the most compelling topics to write and speak about—and where you should share these ideas
  • How to bring a stream of qualified leads to your website
  • How to get clients coming to you instead of you chasing them
  • How to position and promote your expertise and instantly make your competition irrelevant

The key to achieving real prosperity as a service firm or professional is learning how to maximize your earning potential. It’s about maximizing what you earn for every unit of effort you put into your business. When you know how to do that consistently and predictably, you’ll be able to create a business that enables you to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you want most!

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"Love this Giselle...always very deep and truthful. Your writing has become a passage to what seems to be the inner you and in that aspect reaches the inner me, and even though every day as an entrepreneur still feels like such a challenge, words such as these I’m sure. resonates with your readers." NICOLE FREAKLEY, Owner Flament Gift in a Box