Bible Brain newsletter 1: four Bible note makers to follow

Jun 12, 2021 10:10 pm

Hi friend,

To kick this newsletter off, I wanted to introduce you to some people I've found useful as sources of inspiration for my Bible Note taking.

I’ve approached these individuals and more to share some insights to their connected Bible note taking so keep an eye out for their names in future editions.

Reply and let me know of any people who are sharing their digital bible note taking approaches.

News - Apple quick notes


What it is: an upcoming feature in iOS 15 that will let you easily save a note with a reference to what you are looking at.

Why it matters: this is an incredibly frictionless way to take a note with links to a website, document, video, map or other source. This might make Apple notes a more appealing note taking app or it could become the way you start your notes.

Be blessed!