I know you...

You want a lucrative virtual assistant business but don't know how to start

You don't have skills you're confident about that you can offer online.

You don't know how to attract clients online and get people to trust you without acting desperate.

That's why I am launching this 3 months hybrid group coaching program. Inside the program you'll:

#1.) Learn in-demand skills you can provide with your phone or laptop to make money online.

#2.) Learn how to setup your business step by step, how much to charge, must-have systems and processes and how to market your services online to attract clients.

#3.) Get all the templates (e.g for contracts, marketing etc) you need to run your business

#4.) Get information on the FREE and low cost tools you can use to work online like a pro even if you're not a techy person.

#5.) Get access to ask me questions as you learn and implement

#6.) Get access to a community of new and aspiring virtual assistants who are also on the same journey, to help you network.

#7.) Get a certificate to share online and further help market your new skills on social media platforms like Linkedin.

So it doesn't matter if you don't have any digital skills.

As long as you can fill a form, and are willing to learn and take imperfect action, I can help you get started and thrive as an online business owner.

Enter your details in the form below to join the wait-list, get early access and other details you need to know about the program.

This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • A student who wants to make money online and not have to depend on your parents for everything.
  • A stay at home mum who don't want to choose between caring for your kids and supporting your family financially.
  • A new mum looking to not go back to your 9-5 after maternity leave.
  • A corp member who wants to make more than NYSC pays and needs a plan for after POP if your rich uncle fails to give you the oil company job.
  • A 9-5 worker looking to make money in your spare time and increase your monthly income.
  • Planning to relocate abroad for work or school and want to make money online even if you don't know anyone and don't have the qualifications to secure a job in a foreign land immediately.
  • Retired and don't want to stay idle, don't have pension from the job your retired from, or if you are not sure of consistent pension from the Nigerian state or federal government 🤷🏽‍♀️.

It is everything you need to succeed online in 2023 wrapped in a bow!

Early bird price for the entire program: NGN50,000 or $100

Late bird price for the entire program: NGN100,000 or $147

This is a one-time payment for lifetime access.

Got questions? Send an email to therosepreneur@gmail.com



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