Level 2 and Up... Perform in West Coast Ballet's Dracula this October!

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- Miss Robbie will choreograph all pieces for student groups

- Students will be in more than one piece to maximize performance opportunities and stage time

- Qualified and age-appropriate students can understudy the lead roles played by company members such as Lucy, Mina, Dracula, and Jonathan

- The lobby will feature spooky festivities and a photo station

- A professional videographer will record all shows and copies will be available for purchase

- Students do pay a performance fee which includes their costume fee (TBD)

- Dracula merch will be available for purchase by pre-order for students that want it (jackets etc)

- Students can start their resume by participating in this professional production of Dracula and see behind the scenes of a professional production

- Parent volunteers are welcome to assist in aspects of the production (stage management, fog machine, curtains, prop setting, etc) if interested - Rehearsals will probably be on Sundays around Nutcracker and will not interfere with Nutcracker

- Invite a friend that dances to join you.

- COOL and spooky costumes plus STAGE TIME!

- Great content for your social media and dance pages

Please submit your child/student's name and your email if you are interested in learning more...

Photos from last year

Dracula 2022 Page

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